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Physician Dispensing Service gives your practice an advantage.

Physician dispensing enables doctors and clinics to offer their patients timely, convenient, and hassle-free alternatives for receiving their medication.

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Physician Dispensing ServicesBRP Pharmaceuticals

BRP Pharmaceuticals Physician Dispensing Services enables doctors and clinics to offer patients the option to get their medications directly from the clinic at the time of their visit, rather than having to take a separate trip to a pharmacy. With our Point of Care Dispensing, patients walk out of the clinic with their medications dispensed by their physician, thereby getting more convenient and hassle-free services from their doctor.

What Are the Physician Dispensing Benefits?

BRP Pharmaceutical’s dispensing services offers a multitude of benefits over traditional pharmacies.

Up to 50% More Profit

Increase revenue per patient from dispensing medication. Improved convenience and outcomes attract and retain patients.

Patient Convenience

Point-of-care dispensing increases patient convenience since they do not have to travel and wait for medications at a pharmacy.

Patient Compliance

Compliance with physician instructions increases from 60% to nearly 100% with point-of-care dispensing.

Competitive Advantage

Attract and retain patients by offering what other clinics do not (and keep up with the ones who do).

Save Time on Pharmacy Calls

How much smoother and more efficient would an average day be if you never had to deal with pharmacies?
Dispensing practicioners with BRP average less than two minutes per prescription.

Easy to Get Started

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Who Is BRP? Company Highlights

  • Leading Physician Dispensing Company
  • Providing point-of-care dispensing services and repackaging since 1980
  • Licensed by the DEA, FDA and 45 States
  • Serving physicians/clinics across specialties, across the country

About Us Who We Are

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Burbank, CA, Bryant Ranch Prepack, Inc. is the leading physician dispensing company in the point-of-care dispensing and repackaged pharmaceuticals industries. The repackaging industry provides physicians with the ability to dispense medications directly to patients. Since 1905 the Mernick Family has been operating pharmacies and other pharmaceutical distribution facilities in California.


  • Mahfouz Michael, M.D.President, Clinica Medica San Miguel

    BRP’s dispensing program is easy for our patients and they really like the service. The labels are correct so there are no errors and the cost is usually lower than co-pays.

    Konstantinos Melahouras, M.D.President, Southland Family and Urgent Care

    In urgent care it is important to treat the patient quickly and comprehensively. BRP’s program helps us give complete care in one visit.

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