Prepackaged Medication Dispensing

Last Updated: June 1, 2021 | Created: July 16, 2019

Prepackaged Medication Dispensing is a program where physicians can keep prepacked and labeled medications on-hand for administration to their patients. What’s great is your patient doesn’t need to make a separate trip to the pharmacy anymore. Rather, they leave your office with the appropriate medication in their possession.

How Does My Office Get Started?

Our expert team of associates at BRP Pharmaceutical makes getting stated with Prepacked Medication Dispensing extremely easy — because we do most of the work for you! At the beginning of the process, there are a few things we need to determine:

  1. Does your state allow In-Office Dispensing of Medication? Most states do, but a handful don’t. Because regulations are more rigorous at the state level, our team will help sort out all of the intricacies.
  2. How will you keep your inventory straight and what amounts should be kept? SInce we deal with thousands of offices and clinics in a variety of specialties, our team can help you calculate these numbers. What’s great is our custom physican dispensing software keeps your office right on track.
  3. Lastly, how much will you charge your patients for the medication? This is typically a business decision that your staff will figure out. The majority of the time, our physician offices and clinics can provide medications much cheaper than pharmacies — adding major savings to your patients’ pocketbook.

Prepackaged Medication Dispensing: The Basics of State Regulations

The majority of Physician Dispensing regulations take place at the state level. Individual states have the ability to allow or disallow the practice. Fortunately, our compliance department knows exactly what the doctor dispensing regulations are in each state.


Prepackaged Dispensing of Medications in your office or clinic offers a multitude of benefits over traditional pharmacies.

Patient Convenience

Dispensing increases patient convenience since they do not have to travel and wait for medications at a pharmacy.

Patient Compliance

Millions of patients skip filling their prescriptions each and every year. Further, research suggests that just 60% of doctor prescriptions are filled when the patient uses a traditional pharmacy. Patient compliance is closer to 100% with physician dispensing.

Practice Differentiation

Physician practices can set themselves apart from other practices and drugstores by becoming more of a Point of Care pharmacy.

Additional Revenue

Dispensing creates an additional revenue stream for the clinic.

Reduced Workload & Time

By having medications on-site, practices are able to reduce the number of calls they make and receive from pharmacies.


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