Doctor Dispensing of Medications

Last Updated: June 1, 2021 | Created: July 16, 2019

With Doctor Dispensing of Medication, physicians are able to administer prepackaged medications to their patients at the point of treatment. This makes it extremely easy for patients to leave your office with the proper medication in-hand and without the need for a separate trip to the pharmacy. 

What’s Needed to Get Started

Before you start the Doctor Dispensing journey, it’s important to consider a few foundational aspects of the process. First, does your state even allow it? Although most states do, there’s a handful that do not. Next, how will you keep inventory and stock counts up-to-date and what medications will you want to keep on-hand. Lastly, how much will you charge for medications?

The great thing about these concepts is that our expert team at BRP Pharmaceuticals can help you through each of these questions. Our team has decades of experience setting up practices and clinics, making the administration of your in-office dispensing program easy.

However, what really differentiates BRP Pharmaceuticals from the rest of the competition is our state-of-the-art physician dispensing software.

Still curious if in office dispensing is right for you? Check out our extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Doctor Dispensing of Medication: How State Regulations Work

The majority of Doctor Dispensing regulations take place at the state level. Individual states have the ability to allow or disallow the practice. Fortunately, our compliance department knows exactly what the doctor dispensing regulations are in each state.


Up to 50% More Profit

Increase revenue per patient with prepackaged medication dispensing. Improved convenience and outcomes attract and retain patients.


Patient Convenience

In Office Dispensing increases patient convenience since they do not have to travel and wait for medications at a pharmacy.

Patient Compliance

Studies show that millions of patients are non-compliant with their medications. Compliance with physician instructions increases from 60% to nearly 100% with point-of-care dispensing.

Competitive Advantage

Attract and retain patients by offering what other clinics do not (and keep up with the ones who do).

Save Time on Pharmacy Calls

How much smoother and more efficient would an average day be if you never had to deal with pharmacies? Dispensing practitioners with BRP average less than two minutes per prescription.

Easy to Get Started

Get set up with BRP in less than 72 hours. Fill out our form for a free consultation.


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