Drug shortages continue to occur in the United States. The number of drugs in short supply or completely unavailable may have gone down, but the number is still high. Worse, the types of products in short supply are as important as drugs used to fight cancer or as ubiquitous as normal saline for IV injection.


In 2011, FDA received reports of 251 drug shortages, of which 183 were sterile injectable drug shortages arose, 84 of which were sterile injectible drugs – but this number does not reflect the number of drug shortages that originated earlier and were continuing. “The number of new shortages has gone down in the last few years, if not gone up a little,” said Allen Vaida, PharmD, executive vice president with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices in Horsham, Penn.


Tramadol hcl ER 150mg

MFG NDC# 76218-0708-05 (BRP ITEM 4705)

Schedule IV


Hydrocodone/APAP 2.5/325mg

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Clas 2 (CII)


Fenoprofen 400mg Capsules

MFG NDC# 76218-1215-09


Cyclobenzaprine HCL 7.5mg

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