Big Pharma vs Dispensing Physicians: The Fight For The Right To Dispense


Dispensing physicians are medical practitioners legally permitted to provide dispensing services to some or all of their patients.

Until the recent widespread demand for physicians to start dispensing medications to their patients due to the issues that plague the pharmacies such as missed meds and low patient compliance to therapy rates, the dispensation of medications was reserved for pharmacists.

While costing the healthcare sector between $100B and $250 yearly, the “traditional”method of getting medications from the pharmacy generated billions in revenue for Big Pharma. So it is easy to see why regardless of the lapses in patient compliance, Big Pharma is not too eager to embrace the concept of in-office dispensation also known as point of care dispensation.

Hence the fight for the right to dispense!

According to an article by Anthony Phillips, the President of the Physician Dispensing Association, a multinational pharmaceutical company tried to undermine the efficacy of physician dispensing at the 2017 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Summer Meeting in New York.

In the last couple of years, Big Pharma and its CEOs have had it rough with many patients publicly shaming them for over pricing and little to no new innovations on medications.

In the simplest terms, Big Pharma is putting financial benefits over the health of a patient. But this again is not such a big surprise. According to a recent Gallup poll, of 25 different business sectors, only the federal government is held in lower esteem by most Americans. And with Big Pharma still struggling to clean up after Martin Shkreli, it is evident that the thought of physician dispensing terrifies them.

So what arguments do critics of dispensing physicians put forward?

Most critics say the idea of dispensing physicians should not be embraced for an array of reasons such as:

Wrong Product Labeling: Critics of the practice argue that dispensing physicians may not have the standard pharmaceutical knowledge necessary to properly label dispensed products as it is standard practice for each dispensed product label to carry the medication name, patient’s name, recommended dosage, medication strength, route of administration, reason for medication, frequency of medication, special precautions, the prescribing physician’s name and FAQ telephone number.


In reality, the chances that product labeling would be an issue are either very low or impossible because practices looking to inculcate dispensing physicians can hire the services of innovative professionals like BRP Pharmaceuticals.

Medication Safety: One of the major cons cited by critics of physician dispensing is that the practice poses serious medication safety concerns. This is because most medication errors occur during the prescribing process. Most of these prescription errors that occur due to a doctor’s pharmacological knowledge or lack thereof are often detected and rectified by the pharmacists.


With a company like BRP Pharmaceuticals partnering with any practice, this argument is buried.

Over-prescribing by doctors for financial gains: Critics argue that if doctors made money from writing prescriptions, they might be encouraged to write unnecessary prescriptions in a bid to enlarge their income. There is also the fear that if a physician is allowed to run an in-office dispensing business venture, it would be difficult for the government to truly regulate revenue.


These criticisms are unfounded as well as there are now and would continue to be regulations and regulatory bodies that ensure that therapy is not overpriced and tax on revenue is remitted.

It is notable that dispensing physicians have to take additional steps to become accredited to dispense. This ensures that they meet the highest quality standards and state and federal regulations for dispensing medication outside of a pharmacy setting.

So what is Big Pharma fighting against?

In a nutshell, better healthcare for patients.

It is important to note that before the 11th century, all prescription and drug dispensation was carried out by the physicians. Pharmacists became recognized in the 11th century and took over dispensing to a large extent. However, the practice of physicians charging consultation fees while relinquishing rights to dispense pharmaceutical services to pharmacists was not adopted by physicians everywhere.

With an in-office dispensing solution in place, there is:

Improved patient compliance

Time-saving for the patient: Physician dispensing saves patients the time that would have been spent visiting the pharmacy as they can simply leave the building with their medications.

Better patient-physician relationship

Better prescription related safety

The patient’s privacy is maintained– since the physician and the patient are the only two people aware of the patient’s condition when the physician dispenses the recommended medication, that information does not extend to third parties like the pharmacy staff

More convenient for patient: Point-of-care dispensing increases patient convenience since they do not have to travel and wait for medications at a pharmacy

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