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Gabapentin Classified as a Schedule V Drug

Recent changes to Virginia’s Controlled Substance Rules and Regulations have changed. Effective July 1, 2019: Bill Summary • Updates Schedule V to classify gabapentin as a Schedule V controlled substance. • Removes gabapentin as a drug of concern. • Requires wholesale...

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Industry Alert: Prescribing Controlled Substances in Alaska

Recent changes to Alaska’s Controlled Substance Rules and Regulations has changed. Effective August 17, 2018: Limiting opioid dosage to a 7-day supply Allows for a maximum of 50 morphine milligram equivalents Requires a licensee to review the PDMP information when...

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More Dispensing Physicians – Fewer Healthcare Costs! 

More Dispensing Physicians - Fewer Healthcare Costs!  As the healthcare sector continues to strive for better policies and methods that could make affordable health care possible for all, the role that point of care dispensing physicians plays in...

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History of Physician Dispensing

History is often said to repeat itself and time after time, we have experienced a repetition of seemingly past events. Dating as far back as 1271 in France, pharmacists and doctors were said to have had a feud over dispensing medications. Prior to 1240 when the German...

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Factors Influencing Prescribing by Dispensing Physicians

Although the practice of physician dispensing is making a quick and largely appreciated reemergence, critics argue that dispensing doctors could be influenced by negative factors that could lead to abuse of office. While this is not entirely wrong and unheard of, it...

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How ePrescribing Makes Physician Dispensing Better

The importance of good prescribing habits cannot be overemphasized as they are essential to ensuring the shortest duration of patient’s illness, effective and safe treatment, less distress and injury to the patient, and lower health care costs. One of the major cons...

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New Regulations Signed by California Governor

Overall, I think this will benefit California physician work comp providers. The highlights of the new law are as follows: 1.  It requires the Adm. Director of Workers Comp to "meet and consult with stakeholders".  Everyone will have a voice in the establishment of...

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